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Gloucester Asbestos Ltd


  1. Where quotations are based on information provided by the client, any deviations from information received for estimating purposes may result in additional fees, unless a representative of GAL has visited the site.

  2. Our quotation is exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) unless stated. VAT will be added to our invoice at the current rate.

  3. No work will commence until a written order has been received by post or email In some circumstances a verbal instruction may be acceptable. Such an instruction is considered an acceptance of our quotation and these terms & conditions.

  4. Once a job has been confirmed and/or a purchase order has been issued and subsequently the job is cancelled at short notice we reserve the right to issue a cancellation charge (Less then 24hr notice is £100 +vat for asbestos surveying, Minimum of £300 +vat for asbestos removal or 25% and minimum of £1000 +vat for demolition).

  5. GAL has a commitment of confidentiality to our clients and no information will be shared or placed in the public domain unless the relevant permissions are gained or the information has already been made publicly available by the client. The exception to this is where the inspection body is required by law or authorised by contractual Commitments to release confidential information, the client or individual concerned shall, unless prohibited by law, be notified of the information provided. Information about the client obtained from sources other than the client (e.g. complainant, regulators) shall be treated as confidential.

  6. Permission for access where necessary must be obtained by the client, for example prior to Pre-purchase surveys. Additional charges maybe incurred for standing time related to gaining access to a property.

  7. Surveyors will only access certain areas such as electrical switch gear, lift shafts when an appropriate certificate are available, should any GAL employee think an area is unsafe access will not be made. We have a duty of care to our clients & employees.

  8. GAL shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury arising from actions or omission of the client, his agents, servants and independent contractors. The client will indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all claims, costs, damages and expenses arising from such acts or omissions.

  9. We shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury arising from undertaking of the work required by the client or his agents, and the client will indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all claims, costs, damages and expenses arising from such loss, damage or injury.

  10. Unless otherwise stated the quotation is based on all the conditions of the site being the same as at the time of quotation.

  11. Unless stated, all quotations do not allow for the provision of specialist access equipment that may be required. Access up to 3 m will be provided as standard, along with the provision of hand tools and other surveying equipment as laid out in HSG264

  12. Asbestos removal works will be carried out in accordance with Gloucester Asbestos ltd's standard procedures - all works are carried out in accordance with current control of asbestos regulations (CAR 2012) & where required in accordance with HSG 247 as well as approve code of practices (ACOPS).

  13. Additional access equipment that is not included as standard include, but is not limited to, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP), Scaffold towers, coring or other excavation equipment to gain access below concrete slabs and equipment for access into confined spaces. These services can be supplied but this must be agreed at quotation stage.

  14. Access below concrete slabs, subsurface investigation and soil sampling are outside the scope of surveys unless otherwise agreed.

  15. Quotations assume access will be made available to each area. Unreasonable delay may result in areas being omitted from the survey or additional charges per hour per surveyor. If areas cannot be accessed on the prearranged day a revisit charge will be applicable. Unless otherwise stated GAL has not allowed for the excavation of trial holes or testing for asbestos in soils.

  16. When a ‘Refurbishment & Demolition Asbestos Survey’ is requested GAL require information on where the works will be undertaken and these areas will be need to be vacant of persons and empty of items as defined within HSG:264 – should areas not be empty / vacant these areas will have restrictions/caveats in place & may require further inspection when the areas is vacant - it will then be the client/instructing party to re-organise a reinspection of these areas - there will be an additional costs involved unless agreed by Gloucester asbestos ltd.

  17. Bulk asbestos samples are taken where directed by the client, it should be noted that this is not a survey and there could be further asbestos materials throughout the building - we can advise where asbestos may be however this cannot be considered conclusive.

  18. Legionella assessments are carried out in accordance with Gloucester asbestos ltd in house standard procedures, the assessor will inspect accessible areas of the water system. It is the responsibility of the client / instructing part to show the water system to the assessor and provide schematic plans and other relevant documents.

  19. All samples where practically possible will be processed through an approved UKAS accredited lab.

  20. Although the utmost care will be taken not to damage materials, localised damaged may be caused during the investigation and/or sampling operations. Unless specifically requested prior to the survey, this will be made ‘safe’ but not necessarily restored. Prior to refurbishment / demolition surveys it is recommended the client is made aware of the intrusive nature of the survey. GAL will assume no specialist arrangements are required for reinstatement and redecoration, any additional work may incur additional cost

  21. The fire assessment will be based on a visual inspection of readily available areas, visual inspection of emergency lights and fire alarm systems however no tests will be carried out

  22. The fire assessment is not intended to represent a legal interpretation of responsibility, but merely reflects the managerial arrangements in place at the time of the assessment.

  23. The fire assessment will be undertaken by a competent and suitable trained person, the final assessment can be open to interpretation to other suitable and trained person so the document cannot be classed as conclusive.

  24. When a fire risk assessment is undertaken the fire assessment will be in line with the current ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 & in line with BS 45002-0:2018 – Guide to occupational health and safety management systems

  25. Plant and machinery that is not part of the buildings function will not be included in the survey, unless there is a known traditional association with asbestos. 

  26. An invoice will be issued upon completion of the works and GAL operates a strict 14 day payment policy for account customers. Non-account customer’s payment will be required before any documentation can be released. We reserve our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to the agreed credit terms. We do not accept payment on a “Pay when paid” basis. Payment can be made by Credit/debit cards & BACS.

  27. All asbestos surveys can never guarantee all asbestos materials will be identified, all reasonable efforts will be made to find asbestos materials. On engagement of work you except all conditions stated above. 

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